Friday, August 21, 2009

Things Are Moving!

Status Update: Our first release, Fungi Girls' "Seafaring Pyramids" is currently out to be cut and plated, hopefully it gets done soon, looking forward to hearing these jams in a physical form. The boys got some slammin' artwork done for the jacket from Carlos Ruiz, who's done art for Times New Viking, Los Campesinos, Davila 666 and more up in Seattle, WA.
 Other releases we're working on are shaping up, we're currently banging out the final art, sequencing and submissions for Denton Denton USA, our compilation LP of Denton rock and roll. We hope to have everything submitted and mastered shortly.

We're also having a small run of T-shirts printed up by our good friend Drew of the Play Pinball! Records Cougar, reports say they're looking hot. Keep an eye out, and soon you'll be able to tame the beast in style.  We're gonna do up a bunch of these DIY-style to make them custom/one-of-a-kind versions too, so don't just think black on white is all you can get!  We'll probably have some other colors available too.

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