Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-Order is up!!

As of 30 minutes ago, you can PRE-ORDER the FIRST RELEASE on PLAY PINBALL! RECORDS and the first release from Fungi Girls, their full-length "Seafaring Pyramids"! Our web store is here:

What the fuck do internet-era kids do when they're growing up in the middle of nowhere with an understanding of great music? What do they do when they're cuttin' their teeth on records that took you (and us) years to get into? What do you do when you're desperate to leave the dunkest of the podunk towns you're stuck in and find all that punk, stoner rock, indie and surf music you've only heard from some weirdo record collector who beats off to your myspace pictures? Where does that leave you when you're too young to even drive to a show you were booked on?

It leaves you to get high and try and capture everything you've heard with everything you can get your hands on. In doing so, Fungi Girls have recorded a blistering album of concise and experimental songs ranging from shoegazing grooves and stoner rock riffage to psychedelic pop freakouts, channeling everything their teenage brains can handle. Eight songs round out their debut LP recorded and produced by Jason Kelly (The Wax Museums, Fergus & Geronimo) in March and June of 2009. LP limited to 500 Copies (400 black vinyl, 50 blue vinyl, 50 gold vinyl...though there might be some blends) on 150 gram at 45RPM. Ships late Sept./early Oct.

The pre-orders will get priority on the color copies (duh!). We're brand-fucking-new at this stuff, (but don't worry, we know how orders and the post office work) so distros please contact us if you're interested!

Preview some of the tunes here:

Coming November
PP!R-002 V/A - Denton Denton USA! Featuring:
The Wax Museums
Bad Sports
Fergus & Geronimo
Teenage Cool Kids
The Uptown Bums
The Teenage Bees
Fungi Girls
Bleach Boys
Secret Bangs
Chief Death Rage
The Influence
The Pumpers

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Test Presses

Hey everyone, good news! We got the Fungi Girls test presses in! And so far they're sounding great to us, we've approved art for the jackets and they are currently being made for both releases. Last night our shirts came in as well and are looking hot, we should be putting em all up in the store for order soon.

Deliveries in Denton will be made personally to your door.

We also will soon be able to start taking orders from our new online store at